PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Hit la maison du Holly Hobby and Agent Black Saturday night, for a fine, fine night of grillin' and hanging out with people, some of whom I had not hung out with in too long. (Also, finally borrowed the first few DVDs of Cowboy Bebop from them.) Star Munchkin was played, and a fine adaptation it is. I even got to play cheaty and spoil the end, taking us from a five-way victory to a four-way victory by being mean to Clive. Haw haw!

Sunday after work was a very bad baby night, as she managed to give me both a headache and a stomachache within an hour time span. Bad baby! RQ, on the other hand, was very kind, and took care of her for most of the rest of the night, allowing me to half-assemble some War Machines, and paint a couple figs. Victory!

Caught the first half of WWE: Heat before dinner. It being a recap show, I also got a window on what else is big news there. I am constantly amazed that Ivory remains hot. Also, while there's many new faces, the top card is still the same people. *yawn* (OK, Teddy Long is now a Nation of Islam-style manager. And they're bringing in a French tag team. But still.)

After that, we watched the SciFi channel's Riverworld, which really, really felt like the pilot to a new show more than a standalone movie. Lots of stuff built up to absolutely no conclusion, foreshadowing without fulfillment, blah. I haven't read the book(s), so I can't really compare there. The movie was, well, very so-so. Hunky American astronaut defeats wicked foreign bad guys with English accents, etc. Some neat ideas, some bad matte paintings, you've seen this before.

Who knew, cannibalism is natural. (courtesy Magistrate.)

So, is Cogent a CIA front? (courtesy Ace)

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