PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Not remotely enough sleep.

Got up at dog early o'clock to bus in to work. The system... almost works. Still got here late, though not painfully late. Scheduled bus times on weekends seem to be more of a suggestion than an actual guideline. Nevertheless, I think I will have this problem licked in short order. It's all a pattern, I just need to figure out the pattern.

pseudotheist popped over last night, we opened up some of the new Heroclix expansion. Not too bad! The new collation works pretty well, actually. But the new dials? A *chore* to turn. Some sculpts are good, others are really terrible. I don't like the new plastic, too weak. But overall it looks pretty playable, and I think it's a good direction for the game.

Illness relapsed last night, too, frustrating. Not enough to make me sick, just enough to keep me feeling about 85%. Luckily I had picked up more DayQuil on the way home (since we cut a rug through the last bottle earlier this week, heh.)

Tonight or tomorrow: dropping the new icons funk bomb.
Tags: gaming, not news

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