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"Whether you believe the Supreme Court is heading toward a precipice or redemption, there is no longer any doubt it is moving, rapidly and intensely, toward the right."

"Yesterday's decision has reignited a societal debate about the role of race in education that will almost certainly prompt divisive lawsuits around the country."

Abu Aardvark wonders which Arab regime will be the first to fall?

* Analysis: immigration defeat as Republican sea change. Also: Bush admits defeat. And coverage by the inimitable Dana Milbank.
* How can we actually get rid of Cheney? (Huh, the vote to withhold Cheney's funding was a lot closer than I would have thought.)
* Good read: Dick Polman on the Lugar defection.
* Powerline's John Hinderaker reports from on the ground in Republican Washington.
* Scientists have "...successfully transplanted the genome of one species of bacteria into another, an achievement they see as a major step toward creating synthetic forms of life."
* "An experimental spacecraft designed to test the viability of a hotel in space has been successfully sent into orbit."
* Why Ratatouille is a gamble for Disney. (I don't know, looks awesome to me.)

Did cats domesticate themselves?

Meet the two scientists who know more about the surface of Mars than, well, anyone else.

Speaking of Mars, Opportunity is about to take a risky trip into Victoria Crater.
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