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"Hundreds of pages of decades-old documents declassified and released by the CIA yesterday revealed a 1970s-era agency in the throes of unaccustomed self-examination, caught between its traditional secrecy and demands that it come clean on a history of unsavory activities."

Analysis compares the CIA's tactics of the past and the present. And for heavy reading, the Times has a large analysis of the whole document, assembled by experts and historians.

Slate takes on the Senate's new ethanol bill.

The UK welcomes its new prime minister, Gordon Brown. Here's the BBC profile. Matt Frei discusses why America will miss Blair.

"By next year, more than half the world's population, 3.3 billion people, will for the first time live in towns and cities."

* On the ground in Samarra.
* Iranians riot over gas rationing.
* Vox populi: young people are more liberal on a number of issues.
* Dana Milbank on love and, uh, another sentencing in the Abramoff scandal.
* Expanding fingerprinting at airports. (Courtesy warmaster.)
* The British Army unveils its new fighting vehicle.
* CT scans confirm mummy as the Egyptian queen Hatshepsut.
* Today's best headline: "Why Germany Hates Tom Cruise"

Woo! A re-release for Jack Kirby's Fourth World.

The Buffy musical hits movie theaters?

Hee. Are ninjas ready for a comeback?
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