PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

catching up

I've managed to catch the same crud that M. had. Sore throat, congested. DayQuil's gotten me through the worst of it, fingers crossed.

New batch of icons, slowly taking shape. Debating bothering with half-year movie wrapup, considering I never bothered with the 2006 wrapup. Heh. Only mostly behind on summer movies, though reviews are showing that I'm not missing much.

Gaming drought continues, as car issues haven't improved dramatically. On the other hand, actually getting things up on ebay, slowly, and getting other things assembled and primed and painted. Also more City of Heroes and/or Villains than expected. Good times.

Finances, slowly getting under control.

Finally getting the custody agreement hammered away, after a lengthy struggle.

Next week, trip to the wrong side of VA for M.'s annual family gathering. Hopefully internet withdrawal won't give me the shakes.
Tags: 2007, gaming, movies, not news
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