PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Oh, OK. Now the administration is saying that Cheney *and* Bush are exempt from oversight ordered by, you know, Bush. Dan Froomkin searches for a method to Cheney's madness. Do I hear the words "constitutional crisis"?

"It is useful to tally up the ironies that are piling up outside the Veep's door. "

As noted elsewhere: Virginia bad driving fees are about to skyrocket. Seriously.

* New doubts about the effectiveness of the surge. Also, dealing with tribalism in Iraq.
* Another Justice Dept. nominee withdraws.
* The Secret Service is feeling the strain of the long campaign.
* New survey describes national trends in sexual activity and illegal drug use.
* The color to avoid in Gaza.
* "Nobody has done more than Lawrence Lessig to help people understand the profound effects of technology on the laws governing intellectual property."
* Questioning basic theories about HIV infection.
* The Smithsonian learns exciting facts about Irish culture. (Courtesy mscongeniality.)
* DreamWorks licenses the film rights to the "Children of the Lamp" series.

Conspiracy theory: Skull & Bones... and Disney?

Sketchy: can this medication help keep traumatic memories from forming?
Tags: 2007, movies, news, scary technology

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