PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Saturday's comedy of errors. Except it isn't funny.

So, today was my first attempt at taking buses on Saturday to get to work (trains don't run early enough to get me here on time.) Got up at dog-early o'clock (4:30!) to get to work by 7. So, naturally, everything went wrong, from buses taking goofy routes to trains taking way too long. I got to work by 8. Meaning, I could have just sat at the Silver Spring Metro for a whole hour, waiting for the trains to start, and gotten the same thing accomplished with less stress. Yeesh. This is unacceptable.

In other news, in my brief time at home last night I managed to stab my finger but good. Yes, my dad always taught me to cut away from my hand, and not toward it, but sometimes, it's just more convenient. Dripping blood, however, is less convenient. Not a big cut, but a deep one. It oddly didn't hurt. I stuck on one of tze bebe's waterproof Finding Nemo band-aids, as I had to shower, and figured I would just change it afterwards. but damn if I'm not still using the exact same band-aid as I type this, some 9ish hours later. These things are awesome.

Working backwards, Horrorclix last evening was pretty fun. pseudotheist's Cthulhu All-Stars stomped on my ghosts, but I got revenge by bringing the BPRD down on his frog demons. Good times.

So, yeah. Operating on very little sleep, as I got home late, and was chatting with M., who is still sicky. I suspect we're going to be homebodies tonight, but time will tell.

And yes, we have a major outage going on currently, because work had to get in on the act.
Tags: 2007, gaming, not news

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