PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

I was planning to write a pithy commentary on how we complain about looting and riots in Iraq, yet the same thing happens over here every time, say, a sports team wins or loses a competition. But then, I was watching the BBC World News report, and they showed footage, and good lord, our looting has nothing on theirs. It's anarchy. Yeesh.

* No censure over human rights for China and Russia.
* Arab world stunned by Baghdad's fall.
* Bush's pattern of conquest and neglect.
* Underestimating the risk of chaos in postwar Iraq
* Media campaign to speed the end of the war.
* But hey, we got rid of that doormat.
* With Hussein gone, stories of torture can be told.
* NY to cut money for teachers and police. Good work guys.
* Pharoh's treasures find a home... in Brooklyn.
* American enterprise: Drug ring or corporation?
* Appearance of faith and the public.

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