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mscongeniality picked me up from the Virginia metro station yesterday evening, minutes before the downpour started. In another bout of oddly impeccable timing, we had time to enjoy tasty kabobs and track down the Shirlington movie theater to get our seats literally one minute before the movie started. Weird, but excellently convenient.

Paprika was a rare treat: an excellent science fiction movie that just happens to be animated. Seriously, this is the kind of movie you couldn't do live action. It's completely surreal, fast paced, thoroughly engrossing, visually stunning, sometimes disturbing, and oddly enough, pretty well written. If you're at all interested, make time to see it on the big screen, you won't regret it.

New trailers:
* Evening - Appears designed for best actress nominations, but, might be good. Will check reviews.
* Goya's Ghosts - Oooh. Stellan Skarsgard in a Milos Forman costume drama? Sold.
* You Kill Me - They had me with the cast.
* Interview - Ehn, maybe. I don't have the faith in Buscemi that I once did.
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