PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Friday night was the Velvet Lounge in Northwest. Met up with a couple friends, including Kermit and Voldo, for a trio of bands for $7.

First, the club itself, which I had not been to before. Small. Think of something small, then think of something tiny you would put in there. The floor upstairs felt rickety. For those who have been to my townhouse, each floor of the club is about the size of a floor of my townhouse. First floor, entrance and bar. Narrow, scary staircase leads to second floor, which is stage and, uh, a little bit of room for people. Also note, no bar upstairs. This is a design flaw.

First band, Racer X (note: not the metal band of the same name.) They were a fine and decent opening band. Not much to say here, not exactly memorable. Well worth the $2.33 I spent on them, though.

Next up were the IO's. Also hailing from NYC, they contained a friend of Kermit's from back when (who used to hang out with us at parties and the like.) Good stuff! I bought the CD.

Finally, the Washington Social Club. I had heard many good things about them, and they were all true. Suffice it to say, I was rocked up the street, and then back down it.

Who's who!
Martin, lead singer and guitar - Cross the DNA of Ashton Kutcher and Mick Jagger, but in a good way, and really really hyperactive. He *started* the show with his shirt off (and I note he had the frame of a high schooler, very indy) with a band sticker on his back, and the words 'mother may I?' in body paint on his chest.
Olivia, bass and backup - Hot in that vaguely androgynous way, and also chock full of energy. She was a dancing machine. And while I dont' know that much about bass (or, technically, music) she was pretty damn keen.
Randy, the drummer - He has drumming powers beyond the mortal ken.

And they closed the show by bringing up a fan onstage, since it was her birthday, and the birthday girl got to sing the chorus for their cover of TLC's "Waterfalls."

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