PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on The 4400...

* (Dude, I am totally not going to remember any of the character's names.)
* "One of them has a message... Anyone can be extraordinary..."
* Previously: "These shots are free." April! Alana!
* TK! Stopping time! 'Held up things for you." Hi, Tess & Kevin. 'Eliminated disease and war.'
* And it's Jesus Jordan! "Together we have created heaven on earth."
* "I know what kind of world I prevented."
* Promicin death expected to be 6,000 by year end. Only?
* And, Spain. Advising the EU on 4400 matters!
* (Man, the rest of the world must feel really left out by this whole mess.)
* Oh, hi Kyle. Legal aid for the 4400.
* Meanwhile, at Adlai Stevenson High.
* "I want... Graham."
* "Just tell us what to do."
* !
* Meet political appointee, Megan Doyle, new head of NTAC. And fan of La Dolce Vita.
* Isabel! Visiting hours? Really?
* Doyle's job is to bring in Collier, first and foremost.
* (Results? No one cares how. Failure? How doesn't matter either.) (I like her already.)
* Kyle took the promicin shot three months ago! And... nothing happened.
* (At this point in transcribing, I am well aware that spellcheck is never going to accept 'promicin' as a real word, but still, I persevere.)
* And River Tess... isn't having a good day. "Dead people everywhere I go." Medication time! No, seriously.
* "Tess's ability is what keeps you safe." -Dr. Burkhoff
* "We're with you. All of us." Oh, Em, Gee.
* "They told you to kill me." -Isabelle
* Oh, hi completely suspicious Kathy.
* Bring in the army to a high school! Nothing bad can happen there.
* Shawn's promicin levels are out of whack? Sure.
* No, I am Spartacus!
* "Don't fight me. Join me."
* Seattle Under Siege
* "He has to be stopped." -Jordan
* "I see. You're having messiah envy." -Dr. Burkhoff
* "Graham wants to bring NTAC into the fold." Converted a couple police stations!
* "I am the king of Seattle!"
* Acceptable losses! Airstrikes!
* "I gave you promicin. I can take it away." -Jordan
* "I made you ordinary." "The world doesn't need you anymore. It has me."
* Extra-crispys! hee. Marco remains awesome.
* "We all had a scare today. We'll have others before it's done... The genie will not go back into the bottle."
* Alana in Repose - 1885
* Are you ready?

Well, it's been literally over a year, but it was certainly worth the wait, IMHO.
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