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"Private security companies, funded by billions of dollars in U.S. military and State Department contracts, are fighting insurgents on a widening scale in Iraq, enduring daily attacks, returning fire and taking hundreds of casualties that have been underreported and sometimes concealed."

Good read: why Republicans are on the wrong side of the gay rights issue.

The risks involved in the fight over executive privilege.

40 years after the Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court decision, Mildred Loving issues an excellent public statement. (Courtesy marag.)

* The epidemic of kidnapping in Iraq. Also, al-Sadr calls for Shiite pilgrimage into a Sunni stronghold.
* The Palestinian split presents a tough decision for the U.S.
* Fighting the gun lobbies: why the Tiahrt amendment is a bad idea.
* People like Democrats, in general, just not Democrats in specific.
* "Disgraced prosecutor Mike Nifong will be disbarred for his handling of Duke rape case."
* The Post Office tries to deal with suburban sprawl.
* The card game Munchkin takes a trip to the wild west.
* "Rio favela fashion wows catwalks."
* Fashion behind the mask: "All hail the beta male — the guy instantly recognizable to anyone who grew up on comic books and archetypical superhero secret identities."

What do we need to save Africa: technology or aid?

As tattoos become more popular and acceptable, there is a growing industry for tattoo removal.
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