PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

* Hey, the White House found those missing e-mails, go fig.
* Dan Froomkin covers, well, everything, from Libby's impending jailtime, to Jon Stewart catching Tony Snow in a lie, to the administration downplaying the Septembner deadline. Good reading.
* "At the risk of dampening the celebration, let me just say that Judge Walton’s decision to send Libby straight to jail is not, in any way, our victory. It is quite simply a victory for the rule of law."
* China looks to a cyberspace arms race.
* Building the perfect kilogram. (Courtesy Dinosaur Comics.)
* Signs 2? Baby monitor picks up space shuttle transmissions.
* "Instead of fading into failed TV history, some canceled pilots are given new life on the internet."
* Bill Nye remembers Mr. Wizard.
Tags: not news, science!, tv

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