PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Past two weeks? On time for work virtually every day.

This week? Vaguely late one day, actually late today. Which wouldn't be killer, if this wasn't apparently the worst morning in a good long time.

On top of that, unpleasant headache.

The good news is, long-awaited party tonight, and icing on the cake, no work tomorrow.

I also need to post about the shenanigans involving sending off my eBay items I've sold off (which sold quite well, thank you for asking.) The mailing is going to be the biggest kink in the system.

Oh, and this weekend is another fancy Double XP weekend on City of Heroes, which would be groovy if I had any free time to take advantage of it. Heh.

OK, back to work.
Tags: not news
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