PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

M. and I trekked downtown earlier this week to catch Day Watch. Good stuff! Almost as good as the first, in fact. I remain a fan of the fast-paced characterization and the super-atmospheric cinematography, which is even more enhanced by the subtitles this time around. (And I adore that I can compliment the subtitles in a movie, for a change of pace. More films need to be this creative.) Highly recommended.

New trailers:
* Paprika - New anime by the guy who did Tokyo Godfathers, this trailer is way trippy. Very arty, looks decent, and definitely looks worth catching on the big screen. Time for a field trip.
* Brand Upon the Brain! - A, uh, modern silent movie. If you're into that sort of arthouse thing.
* Introducing the Dwights - Ehn.
* Death at a Funeral - Hee. Frank Oz directed comedy with Peter Dinklage and Alan Tudyk. More than a couple scenes had the audience cracking up.

Bonus: check out the Silverdocs film fest in Silver Spring a free showing of the Talking Heads documentary! And, uh, some other documentary films. Heh.
Tags: movies, not news

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