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Well, it turns out The Man Who Wasn't There is also worthy of the praise it receives. Thornton kicks some actoral ass in a part that requires a lot of subtlety. And about halfway through, I was about to say, this is the least surreal thing the Coen brothers have done, but then, yeah. Still, a rare treat.

After that, Flatliners. Which I love. Schumacher's excessive art direction works flawlessly for once, in a tight, concise story. And Kiefer and Oliver Platt, truly at their height. I don't know why i don't have this on DVD yet (unless I am waiting for a special edition.)

Also, Cartoon Network has started showing X-Men: Evolution, which I had never seen before. They've made some interesting character choices. For instance, making Kitty really annoying, but still finding room to make Nightcrawler obnoxious. Also, Wolvie's entirely uncharismatic, but Magneto and Cyclops are dead on, so there's hope.

Ken Hite goes over the numbers for C&GR 'state of the gaming industry' survey. A must-read for gamers.

get your war on has updated, and here's my new favorite.

Librarians fight the Patriot Act.

* So, guess who will benefit most from the spoils of war. (Good Lord, George Schultz is back to kill us all.)
* OK, now that we've killed Saddam and bin Laden, time to review strategy used in Gulf War 2. Was it our adaptability?
* Arab media facing a large paradigm shift.
* More on how France really screwed themselves in this Iraq thing.
* Can we force democracy? And will we like the results?
* Hey, the whole Arab world didn't rise up, lookatthat.
* And the IMF has bad news if you like money.
* Hey Israel, we asked you to keep quiet during Gulf War 2. That doesn't include killing 30 Palestinians. Yeesh.
* Huh, what if we never find Saddam's corpse?
* Looking at the politics of grade-school darwinism. (I have some phrase about this.)
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