PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Taking the hint

After work I Metro up to White Flint, and ready myself for the mile-walk over to Dream Wizards to play in the HorrorClix tournament. About a block into it, the skies open up. Being a good commuter, I have my purloined umbrella, but I assure you, it in no way kept me dry.

As I am approaching the store, I note all the stores around it seem to have closed up early. No dice. Power outage hitting the entire area. I find pseudotheist and crew inside, and we stick around until we get kicked out. Was not meant to be! I hitch a ride home from another player, and get home in time to startle M. and catch a shower, so we can head over to girlie47's party. Which I was going to skip to hit the tourney. I'm not superstitious*, but I know a sign when I see it.

* - I totally am.
Tags: 2007, gaming, not news

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