PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Finally, an episode interesting enough that I didn't get distracted (much) throughout the entire thing. Again, not sure how they will top this with later seasons, but let's find out if we will *have* later seasons before we worry about that.

* Jasmine, nice. "Probably best we avoid brand names." -Wesley
* Wait, Fred gets a pass because she's an obsessive-compulsive? Oooh, and she'll have to raise an ARMY of obsessive-compulsives to defeat Jasmine! Hee hee.
* Alright, Whedon, you've got me interested with the backstory. Now explain why some people are affected and others aren't. We'll get to the mythos questions later (Earth was a demon realm?)
* Hey Angel, nice striped-pastel-yellow shirt.
* Psychiatric unit? Glory?
* Man, wouldn't it be awesome if the final episode of Buffy was Jasmine hitting Sunnydale with Angelus as her general.

Jasmine: Everything is perfect.
Angel: No, it isn't.
Tags: tv
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