PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

big news day

Vox populi: "Growing frustration with the performance of the Democratic Congress, combined with widespread public pessimism over President Bush's temporary troop buildup in Iraq, has left satisfaction with the overall direction of the country at its lowest point in more than a decade"

Whoah! "A federal appeals court tossed out an indecency ruling against Rupert Murdoch's Fox television network yesterday and broadly questioned whether the Federal Communications Commission has the right to police the airwaves for offensive language."

* "US and Iraqi forces control fewer than one-third of Baghdad's neighbourhoods."
* Libby is going to jail for over two years for his participation in the Plame affair. Unless/until Bush pardons him.
* Charges filed against Representative Jefferson, you know, the guy who was hiding $90,000 in cash in his freezer. Dana Milbank covers the case and the Justice Dept. announcement.
* Charges dropped at Guantanamo, leading to questions on further legal proceedings. The administration is unhappy, of course.
* Excellent read today: Howard Kurtz on the growing conservative rift and revisionist history, plus coverage of the Democratic debate.
* Check out Bush's latest judicial nominee to the Fifth Circuit court of appeals.
* Can goats stop the spread of kudzu?
* The Explainer on why mafia hit men drop the guns.
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