PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

M., A. and I went to meeting concerning bebe's daycare (their lease is up at the end of June, and don't technically have another lined up. Yet.) Was a lot of speculation and not a lot of hard facts. Sounds hopeful, so, fingers crossed. The church may be taking it over, and would likely be including some religious programming; if that occurs, we'd have to check out how much they were doing and what it actually is. However, the church might also be keeping on the same teachers. Time will tell. As noted, we heard a lot of 'maybes' today, and not a lot of actual info. Chatted with A. after the meeting, she's on the same lines as we are.

Bebe also had a fever today, so we'll be keeping her here tomorrow. Zee poor munchkin.

Put up some long-awaited eBay auctions today, going to try to make it a regular habit. Clears out the back room and gets a little cash, so, it's something.
Tags: 2007, bebe, gaming, not news

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