PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"What are you supposed to do, according to supporters of the Iraq war, if you think that the war is a dreadful mistake?"

Bureaucracy in action: the team still looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

What is vote caging, and why should you care?

* "The number of violent crimes in the United States rose for a second straight year in 2006, marking the first sustained increase in homicides, robberies and other serious offenses since the early 1990s."
* "George W. Bush is justly famous for his tendency cheerily to dismiss uncomfortable realities, but even by his standards, his comments yesterday on climate change showed astonishing chutzpah."
* "Yesterday, as the temperature pushed toward 90 degrees in the capital, global warming caused a meltdown in the Bush administration's message machine." (Bonus: translating Bush's speech.)
* Africa dreams of hitting it big with oil.
* Linking Rove to the suspicious prosecution of former governor.
* More Second Life madness: investigating crimes and opening official embassies.
* Polish railway worker wakes up after 19-year coma.
* Today's headline: "No Bean-Toss Prosecution for Hugh Grant"

Will Ferrell on Bush's greenhouse conversion.

Mark Verheiden tapped to write the live-action Teen Titans movie. Also, Sin City 2 delayed.
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