PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Whuf. Sleepy. Had to wake up a little earlier this morning, and of course, had problems falling asleep last night. Luckily work's quiet, and my deskmate is watching, um, Naruto, so it's distracting enough to keep me functional.

So, yes. M. got to sleep in this morning, as the Metro trains were running early today (Race for the Cure) so I could actually use them to get to work on time. Of course, the Express buses I usually take weren't running, so I had to wake up early to catch the non-Express version. Whee. Got here plenty early, though, which makes no lae days this week. Go me.

Things are quieting down some, which is a good thing. Tonight, party in the wrong part of VA. Tomorrow night, I think M. and I will force ourselves to watch Memoirs of a Geisha, which we've had at home for like a month now. Just haven't gotten around to it.

At the moment, OTD is unreachable, so my e-mail is down. I'm sure it'll be back up before I know it. For example.

PS -> Happy birthday falkonne!
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