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Cold War II? "Compared to a decade or so ago, the belief in the messianic power of democracy and markets has reached a new low. Why another face-off between Washington and Moscow isn't as impossible as you might think."

More on the legal battle over the White House's visitor logs. I don't see any reason it shouldn't be public.

The Explainer explains why the suicide rate in Japan is so high.

A few bad apples? Examining the planning that went into detainee abuse. The Senate wants a legal review.

* White House counselor Dan Bartlett steps down.
* Former aide to Rove, one of the people who replaced the fired US attorneys, resigns.
* Examining the new Iranian hostage crisis.
* More on Bush's Iraq as Korea analogy.
* It's amazing what one election can do for a voting record.
* The full genome of James D. Watson has been deciphered.
* Jack Kevorkian walks out of prison today.
* "But where are the children's books denouncing affirmative action? The fairy tales promoting gun rights?"

New device to help catch rude movie goers. I support this 100%. In fact, I wish I had one last night.

Highlander: the Anime? (Coming to SciFi.) goes over the summer TV shows.
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