PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last week, played some Horrorclix. This morning, on the bus, finished reading World War Z (highly recommended, I note.) How to top off that week?

Last night, M. and I hit the AMC Columbia to watch 28 Weeks Later. Thoroughly enjoyable movie, well-executed (OK, a little less shakey-cam would have made me happier. But still.) Very tense! Robert Carlyle was pretty dang good, as were the kids. I'm still wondering why, if your movie is set in England, you'd cast Idris Elba as an American. Anyways. Worth your time.

New trailers:
* Resident Evil: Extinction - still looks like good, clean fun.
* Live Free or Die Hard - You know what? I'm all over this. Despite the fact it's directed by the guy who did Underworld 2. (Also: Justin Long? Seriously?)
* Licensed to Wed - This is the opposite of my cup of tea.
* The Kingdom - Ehn, could be good, have to wait on reviews.

And, not a trailer, but before the trailers, there was a commercial for the Robot Chicken Star Wars special, set to air on Sunday, June 17th.
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