PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"In Mr. Putin’s seven years as president, a Soviet-style cynicism about the law has returned, one in which justice, like diplomacy, is simply a series of political calculations laced with ulterior motives."

* Two shooting incidents in Bagdhad last week bring attention back to Blackwater.
* The federal government is authorizing medical studies without the patients' consent.
* So, when we leave Iraq, how bad will the strife be?
* Prominent Muslim calligrapher shot and killed in Baghdad.
* Turmoil across the Middle East is making tribal connections stronger.
* Archbishop Tutu says the Anglican church needs to to overcome its 'obsession' with gay priests and same-sex marriages.
* Hollywood takes another look at 3-D.

Welcome to America, 2007: flatscreen TVs are making commercials in our every day lives hard to ignore.
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