PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Got to work late this morning (a bad habit of this week) to find out I am flying solo until the afternoon shift comes in. Shouldn't be a big deal; nothing happens holiday weekends, knock on wood. However, the place is *really* quiet, and I didn't bring in any music, so I will have to come up with something to amuse myself.

Last night's Horrorclix was fun. Defeated pseudotheist's werewolves with my monster hunters in the first game, then got my ghosts knocked down by his Marvel Zombies in the second. Brought home some loot. Forgot to pick up a magazine while I was there.

Afterwards, got home, caught up on a couple things, and played a little more CoV. My new policy has been to play one character a week, and that's done pretty well for me. This week's been the electric/electric brute, polishing off two storyline arcs I fell into. Next will prob. be the fire/fire blaster. We'll see.

Also, found out yesterday that one of my co-workers hath a livejournal I didn't know about. Heh. There's some reading material for me.

Tonight, movie with M. Tomorrow, sleeping in, then hanging and eating with friends in VA. Monday, cookout with family, I think. Next week I'm down two TV shows, so I get a couple nights of my life back. Don't know what I will do with that. Suggestions?
Tags: gaming, not news
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