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"In a full day of testimony, [Monica Goodling] accused the No. 2 Justice official of giving false testimony to Congress, implied that Gonzales himself had improperly tried to influence her testimony, and generally described Gonzales's Justice Department as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican National Committee."

Excellent. Reid comes up with a way to curb Bush's abuse of the recess appointment.

Dan Froomkin on this morning's press conference, Bush's intelligence revelations, and more.

* Falwell, Wolfowitz, and why you shouldn't count out the conservative movement yet.
* "There is good news from Iraq, believe it or not. It comes from the most unlikely place: Anbar province, home of the Sunni insurgency."
* Sectarian violence on the rise again in Iraq.
* "Americans now view the war in Iraq more negatively than at any time since the war began."
* "You would think by now the Bush administration would have drained the well of bad intelligence on Iraq and Iran. Apparently not."
* "I'm trying to decide who's madder: liberals steamed at the Democrats for the war-funding compromise, or conservatives angry with the Republicans for the immigration compromise." -Howard Kurtz
* Controversial nominee to the Consumer Product Safety Commission withdraws.
* Unable to secure cooperation from the United States, China seeks new partners for its space race.

Heh. Bush appoints Wolfowitz as the new head of al Qaeda.

'How did movie zombies get so fast?' (Courtesy warmaster.)
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