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Previously, on Lost...

ha ha ha ha ha

* Previously Beard, plane. Descent to LA. Wait, he's flying Oceanic again? Sucker.
* Jeep, bridge. Hey, that isn't water!
* "Forgive me." CRASH.
* Sayid, Bernard, Jin, the three shooters. Keep moving for the radio towers.
* "I am a dentist. I am not Rambo." -Bernard
* Hey, breaking out the new soundtrack, nice.
* Exodus. Danielle up front. Marching order! Heh, Moses joke.
* Punch! "He's one of them." Are they playing good Amazon, bad Amazon? Let's call Ben.
* "Why are you breaking radio silence?" Send Mikhail! Heh, he lied to them about the Looking Glass. Digging deeper and deeper.
* Ambushing the ambushers! BOOM.
* Ryan got Jin!
* Jack, the hero. And his ex is preggers.
* "If you say 'live together, die alone' I'm going to punch you in the face." -Rose
* Code for the jammers? Whoops. Charlie is eerily at peace here.
* Tom radios in! Seven dead! And, Bernard spills the beans. Can't blame him, he's a dentist, not Rambo.
* Hey, nice map. Have Richard lead the Others to "the temple." Ben's going alone. Er, with Alex too. "I'm going to talk them out of it."
* "And since when did you start calling me Kate?"
* Good morning Des! Hee, Mikhail. I love that wacky Russian.
* Not your patient. (Allow me to note that, many times during this episode, I also wanted to punch Jack right in his smug face. Jerk.) Pulled an 8 year old boy out of the wreck, went back for his mother.
* Sawyer's going back. Juliet's leading him to a hidden gun cache. Sure.
* Oh, hi Mikhail. Man, Charlie, way to turn them on each other.
* "Why would Jacob ask you to lie against your own people?" Protecting the island. Kill Greta and Bonnie! (Mikhail's uncovered eye socket eee.)
* Why break rocks! Runway for the aliens. Heh heh heh.

Sawyer: So, you screwing Jack yet?
Juliet: Nope. Are you?

* No guns. Heh. Why go back? Karma!
* Aw, Hurley.
* "I let you come because I'm delivering you to your new family." -Ben
* Why not let them leave? "Because I can't, Alex."
* Eye. LOCKE. Legs! Gun? (That gun can't possibly work.)
* "Don't, John." -Walt
* !
* "You have work to do." Jacob? Smokey? Both? Vincent?
* "Because I love you." -Jack, to Kate
* Jack's in the hood. Funeral parlor? Coffin. Outta pills, whoops.
* Heh, Danielle hasn't been to the tower since she recorded the message. And she won't leave the island.
* Oh, hi Ben and Alex. (Bonus: the Sun reaction shot of the day.)
* Mikhail's asking questions. The girls are towing the party line. Shooting!
* Chatting with Ben.
* No more oxycodone refills.
* "She's not who she says she is... She's one of the bad guys." Phone the boat, and everyone on the island dies.
* "Bring me the phone, Jack."
* "Why do you want to leave the Island?"
* And now, a savage beating. That Ben totally earned.
* "What's the code?" Heh, Good Vibrations. "It was programmed by a musician."
* "Tie him up, he's coming with us." -Jack
* "Alex, this is your mother." -Ben
* "Will you help me tie him up" -Danielle
* "I want him to see it... and I want him to know that he failed." -Jack
* Well, of course they're not dead. HURLEY WITH THE MICROBUS. Road rage!
* Totally ran over Ryan! (Today's top Saywer reaction shot.)
* COBRA KAI LEG SWEEP! Sayid with the neck-snapper!
* Tom, noooo. "That's for taking the kid off the raft."
* And, Jack caused the crash.
* "Attention Others! Come in Others!" -Hurley
* "Yeah, dude. I told you I saved them all."
* (Heh, time for a warm frosty one.)
* No new flashes for Des. And diving equipment!
* Weird 16-digit keypad there.
* beep beep
* Incoming transmission. "Desmond, can you hear me?" -Penny
* "How did you get this frequency?" Wait, how does Penny have this frequency? And why?
* "What boat?" ZOMG
* See, like ten seconds before this, I joked that they should have cut off Mikhail's head.
* GRENADE. He shut the door!


* "Charlie just got us rescued."
* Rousseau's message! Radio tower. (Which isn't hidden at all.) Recorded it three days before Alex was born.
* Celebrate when we're home, heh.
* "Making that call is the beginning of the end."
* "You're done keeping me on this island." -Jack
* "Jack. You're not supposed to do this." -Locke
* "Sit tight, we'll be right there."
* Maps? Is he... triangulating?
* And, Kate. Hah, it is the future.
* (My bet is that the obit is Sawyer, by the by.) (Locke would also work, of course.)
* "You look terrible." "Been flying a lot." Keeps crossing the Pacific. "Because I want it to crash, Kate."
* "We made a mistake... We were not supposed to leave."

- So. Wowzah. Where will next season start?
- Why is Richard still young? And, maybe it's Maybelline?
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