PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"...That non sequitur was as good a way as any to kick off what is becoming Congress's annual immigration debate - a celebration of legislative futility."

'The Middle East conflict seen as a struggle for control of water.'

And then the partisan American Center for Voting Rights disappeared. Literally. (Courtesy professorbooty.)

* What Bush needs to do if he really wants the immigration compromise pushed through.
* "Alamo": on the ground with the surge in Bagdhad.
* Why the impeach Bush movement hasn't caught on.
* Dan Froomkin on what we didn't learn from Monica Goodling's testimony.
* Britain seeks extradition of former KGB agent Andrei Lugovoi in the poisoning death of Litvinenko."
* The partisan divide has risen sharply in the past twenty years.
* Texas town fears invasion by polygamist followers of Warren Jeffs.
* "Female sharks can reproduce without having sex."
* NYTimes book review on Al Gore's new book, The Assault on Reason.
* Washing dishes across the nation.

60 years after Kinsey, Americans are still shy about discussing their sex lives. And speaking of, let's start really focusing on sex in space.

"The stock-in-trade of The Daily Show is hypocrisy, exposing hypocrisy. And nobody else has the guts to do it."

"A controversial new idea suggests that a large space rock exploded over North America 13,000 years ago. The blast may have wiped out one of America's first Stone Age cultures as well as the continent's big mammals such as the mammoth and the mastodon."
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