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Previously, on Heroes...

* (Man, I love these title screens.)
* "Where does it come from?"
* Neat, everyone's story, in flashback.
* Kirby Plaza Building, hee!
* "I told you he was coming." -Molly
* "You must remember your mission." -Mr. Nakamura
* Sylar's mastering that whole seeing the future thing.
* "...To fight the battle, no matter the cost." -Nathan's speech
* "You're going to need to start trusting me, Dr. Suresh." -Mr. Bennet
* (OK, I totally want Bennet and Mohinder and Molly to get together and create a new Company, one dedicated to helping the heroes.)
* Organization became corrupt
* "Put Peter on the phone, please." -Mr. Bennet
* Nathan! "I'm afraid, OK?! And I need my brother!" -Peter
* Read Nathan's thoughts!
* Got excited, and nuked up!
* "Almost anyone." -Molly
* "When I think of him, he can see me." -Molly
* (Voldemort?)
* "You're better off going with them." -Mr. Bennet
* Parkman's going after Sylar himself!
* And Peter wakes up... and it's Shaft! Flashback! Wait, time travel! And it's Mrs. Petrelli!
* "Death is the one thing that connects us all." -Past Peter
* CHARLES IS TOTALLY IN ON THIS. And he's a good guy! "I know you're there, Peter."
* Oh, Ando.
* "Looks like you dropped something." -Sylar
* "Let him go!" -Hiro
* Man, Candice is evil. "The wrong sister died. It should have been you." -Jessica
* "He's already here." -Molly
* "The future is not written in stone!" -Claire
* "I already have a family." CRASH
* Mirrors! "Niki, that's not me. Stop her, find Micah." -Jessica
* And Mohinder and Molly find D.L.!
* Aw, leaving Ando behind. "You have shown me what bravery is."

Hiro: This man is ready.
Ando: Hiro - you look bad ass.
Hiro: Really?

* "Invisibility. Always thought that would be a good one to have." -Charles
* Love unconditionally? Uh, sure.
* (Sideways waking up effect? Awesome.)
* "You saved my daughter's life. I told you I owed you for that." -Mr. Bennet
* "Call me Noah." -Mr. Noah Bennet
* Reunions!
* "What took you so long?" -Sylar
* Niki with the parking meter YAY
* And then Peter copies her ultraviolence powers!
* "You saved the cheerleader, so we could save the world." -Nathan
* "And then it happens - the dream becomes real."


* Volume Two: "Generations"
* HAHAHAHA SAMURAI. 1671. THE ECLIPSE. (And that was totally Sulu as the kensei.)

- Ah. It occurs to me now, the last thing we saw in Sylar's eyes was his own death, meaning he could have planned ahead for it (somehow.) And we still don't know all his powers.
- And Peter could haver totally survived.
- Hee hee, Noah.
- As bizarrojack noted: the Haitian really could have made all that go a lot smoother. Wherever he is.
- When we first got to Volume Two, and Hiro was in an empty field I was totally waiting for the dinosaur to show up.
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