PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The case for Gonzales' departure is painfully clear. The case for Gonzales' continuing perch as Attorney General is not apparent."

A soldier returns home and tries to cope with life without war. (Courtesy jakethrash.)

Analysis: all of a sudden, Washington remembers how to make compromises. But will it last? And, could it mean a return to the Iraq Study Group? (You know, the one Bush commissioned, and then summarily ignored.)

* America, the #1 arms dealer to the world.
* "Gasoline prices soared to levels never seen before as even the inflation-adjusted price for a gallon of unleaded topped the 1981 record spike in price that had stood for 26 years."
* Interesting. It turns out that Ashcroft stood up to the White House, but in private.
* Republicans still own talk radio, but the Democrats own the internet.
* 2008 will be the year of the flip-flopper.
* Stories from prisoners on death row.
* "Brood XIII about to hatch in Midwest"
* Fire guts the Cutty Sark.
* New Line looks for its next big hit.

TV reviewer Lisa de Moraes looks ahead to next season.

Chinese college holds mandatory pregnancy tests.

Whoah. "Bryan is a very sick child. The whites of his eyes are yellow and his skin is an unnatural gold. The blue lights are saving his life."
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