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So, yes, we're cat-sitting for a friend for the next week and a half. This tiny polar bear of a cat is approximately 85% made of energy. Constantly on the move, constantly underfoot. I presume it sleeps at some point, but I haven't seen it stop moving for more than a few minutes at a time. My prediction that I can make it a carrying cat in just four days may have been three days too long; we'll have to see once it actually gets used to the apartment and not as starved for attention.

This weekend, it turns out, was full of the groovy.

Friday, M. and I played some poker with ceciskittle and t1tdave (and their other friend, who was goofy and cool.) Ten dollar buy-in, but lots of chips, so, high comedy. I don't pretend to be any good at poker, but I enjoy cards, so there's that. Nothing went my way for the first half of the evening, but I won a handful of games thereafter, and, in the end, walked away with exactly as much money as I started with.

Saturday evening, party for the birthday of dragonballzzz. Tiny apartment filled with a huge crosssection of people I have known for various reasons for the past fifteen years or so. Very odd, but very cool blend. Gaming people, old work people, random people I see at his parties. People I haven't caught up with in years, but remain very keen. Heh. Got to 'impress' a lot of people with the fact that I've known him the longest of anyone there. Stayed way too late, of course. Good times, again.

Sunday, hit the thrift store (new backpack for me!) then trekked down to a celebration for Shana's graduation and birthday (I presume she has an LJ, I presume I don't know it.) Bebe was moody for a bit, but perked up towards the end. And even in her moodiness, she enjoyed the outside (exhibit A, exhibit B.) People had a good time. Bridge was played; I was even taught some of it. I'll get it all sorted out one of these days.

In the evening, the stately imamsawez came over for some hanging out. A slight debacle trying to get pizza didn't dim the excitement of tze bebe teaching him the bunnies game. After cat-dropoffs, him, M., and I rocked Ticket to Ride, and despite all probability, I won by literally a single point.

As usual, I think there's something I am forgetting, but ah well.

Today is picture day at Zoe's school, so exciting early morning of trying to wrangle her into decent clothes, and M. getting her looking presentable. I think a stellar job was done, however. Better pics to follow.

Reminder for those coming over: Heroes finale, tonight, my pad. Pants-time is 8 pm. Show's on at 9.
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