PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Courtesy BAGnewsNotes:

"The article, In the Heat of Battle and Politics, the Hard Facts Melt, asks 'How can a single country look so kaleidoscopically different depending on the point of view?' In the text, the problems in perception are attributed to: 1.) competing political agendas; 2.) the breakdown in the flow of information out of the Iraqi government; 3.) The growing 'blanket of security' between Iraqi officials and life in Baghdad; and 4.) The desire of American officials to only hear what they want to hear.

"What the photo implies, however - which the more lofty and analytical article seemed intent on looking beyond - is how much perceptual problem regarding Iraq are being caused by the pure physical inability to see and hear...

"The main reason Iraq looks 'so kaleidoscopically different,' at this point, is because the place is sheer chaos and because (for both practical and political reasons) there are just not enough independent eyes available through which to monitor hell."
Tags: 2007, news, quotes

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