PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

A profile of James Comey, the loyal republican who took a stand against the administration. Plus, two good editorials from the Post and the Times. Dan Froomkin reads between the lines looking for answers.

"Political hullabaloo aside, after nearly a third of a year, the fact is that we still do not know who made up the list of U.S. attorneys who were to be fired." (More from the CSM.)

* Hell on earth in Liberia.
* Judge unseals documents on the questionable police preparations for the 2004 Republican convention.
* Republican candidates divided on detainees.
* Over 700 new species of marine creatures found in the waters around Antarctica.
* When I read "hot ice giant" I totally thought something else.
* Pollution in India is so bad that they are now issuing the police spare oxygen.
* Jerry Falwell's greatest quotes.
* De Niro and Pacino? $60 million? Does that still count as an indy flick?
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