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Previously, on Lost...

It cracks me up that this is what I consider 'fanservice.'

* Previously: "Because they don't trust you!"
* Escape boat!
* Big hike to... something. "Probably secret stuff." -Hurley
* "How 'bout some openness for a change?" -Charlie
* Danielle! "Show 'em." BOOM.
* "Hiding's pointless." "We're going to blow them all to hell."
* (You know, like the Hostiles killed off the Dharma-ites.)
* [A commercial for Die Hard 3? And it... doesn't look terrible? Huh.]
* "A gig's a gig." [M: 'Oh, Charlie's dead.']
* "You're the dead rock star!" -Naomi
* Dynamite, phone. Distress signal overriding. "We're jamming it."
* "They call it the Looking Glass." Underwater!
* Saw Claire and the bebe getting into a helicopter. "This time yah have to die." -Des
* Charlie's dad! Kid Charlie!
* Hatch, flip the switch, drown. Got it.
* Diagram! Accident! Flooded!
* Junior swim champion?
* Jin heard his name and Sun's name on the tape. "Yes, very healthy."
* Boat! TACKLE. Oh, hi Carl. "They're coming tonight! They're coming right now!"
* 6 hours ago. BUNNY NOOOOO
* "Where's Ryan?" -Ben
* "Then we'll take all their women!"
* Man, Ben is freaking out.
* Alex runs... to Carl's hideyhole tree. (And Carl looks like hell.)
* "Is he my father?" -Alex
* "They know, Carl, but thanks." -Juliet
* "You're going to lead everyone to the radio tower." -Jack
* "Charlie, you still up for a swim?"
* You know, I have always been a big fan of Liam.
* Family heirloom ring! "I need to know it's safe."
* "While I'm gone, don't worry about me." -Charlie
* Wonderwall! But Des didn't show up. What the heck?
* And he saves... Nadia.
* Bernard! Hee, not pheasant hunting in Montgomery County. Yay for Rose.
* A day's walk to the tower... and Sayid makes Jack go.
* "I'm a really good paddler."
* HUG. "Dude, it's fine. I didn't even want to go on your stupid boat."
* "So, here we go again, huh?" -Jack
* Vincent! Ring!
* Cable! Crash flashback. "I can always spot the newbies."
* And, the Looking Glass.
* Five best moments of his life. Greatest hits.
* "'Sides, I might be luckier than you." BONK. (Guess not.)
* Shoe. Hatch. Panic! Pool. What, no sharks?
* Hellooo, ladies.

Next week: 9 pm. 2 hours. EEE

- Count of times I had the characters just reply 'uh, fuck you?' to one of Jack's demands this episode? 5.
- OK, many questions about Desmond now.
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