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Good read: the bedside manner of Alberto Gonzales as a metaphor. Also, describing how the president stepped in to keep the program running when the Justice Dept. wouldn't endorse it. Dana Milbank describes the scene.

According to the Pope, the native Americans not only welcomed the arrival of European priest, but were "silently longing" for Christianity. (Courtesy hammerforge.)

"But Wicca in the civilian world is largely a religion in hiding."

* Bush picks a war czar.
* The size of the Vatican: check out the huge embassy we're building in Bagdhad.
* So, why hasn't the electronic voting system been fixed?
* Reviewing the second Republican debate, plus some good observations from Howard Kurtz.
* The new generation of evangelicals had already taken Falwell's lesson to heart, and moved on from it.
* New evidence of dark matter.
* Advertising in the age of TiVo.
* 24 renewed for two more seasons, plus other notes on the Fox fall schedule. And Jericho makes way for... swingers from the 70's. got a lot of complaints about their top 25 moments from sci-fi movies and TV, so they provided an update with what they missed.

Neat! Behind the scenes of subtitling movies.
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