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As terrorism evolves, the FBI is increasingly reliant on the public for information.

"The US is trying to block sections of a draft agreement on climate change prepared for next month's G8 summit."

Joel Achenbach on getting a better look at the universe and everything.

* Hey, the administration *is* going to talk to Iran after all. Can't wait to hear the right-wing talking heads try to spin this one.
* Grim legacy of the Cold War, in the form of medical claims denied.
* New York plans to keep a database of the DNA of most convicted criminals.
* On the ground in the hottest bingo hall in Iraq.
* The military bans YouTube and MySpace and more from its networks.
* Blogging the Bible: The Book of Daniel.
* Write your own punchline: nudist camps want younger members.
* Law & Order gets yet another season.

New company to bring back Hammer horror to the big screen. (Courtesy robin_d_laws.)

With the big names spoken for, Marvel turns to second tier heroes for the next movies.
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