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Previously, on Lost...

Welcome hippies!

* Previously: 'some communion'
* Emily, Roger. It's a boy. "No one knows we're out here."
* Ha ha, truck.
* "Roger. Call him Benjamin."
* Happy birthday, Ben.
* Richard didn't bring back the tape? OK, slacker.
* Welcome back, Locke. "Why don't you start at the beginning?"
* "We all answer to someone, John... His name is Jacob."
* Only one who talks to Jacob, no one else has ever seen him. Gotcha. Heh, Locke's not buying it either.
* "You are the man behind the curtain. The wizard of Oz. And you are a liar."
* (See also: Henry Gale)
* Flashback! Sub. VW buses. Hippies! Namaste! Meet Horace Goodspeed.
* Yay more training videos! 'sonar fences protect the barracks' 'properties exist no where else on earth' (hey, injections)
* "I'm Annie." All the Apollo bars you want!
* "Work man?"
* And, welcome back Mikhail. Pylons not set to lethal, heh.
* "He and I are going to see Jacob."
* Violence! And, no one else helps!
* Hi Alex. They need a gun to see Jacob? And man, she totally gave it right to Locke, not Ben. "Happy birthday, dad."
* Baking soda volcano! Not-so-baking soda tremors!
* Rifles! Chains! "Don't worry, it's just the Hostiles."
* (And the Hostiles cause tremors somehow?)
* Bunny! 'skirmishes with the natives" AAH DEAD MOM AT WINDOW
* Jack and Juliet, gone.
* Jacob's not going to like it. "This is a man who summons you."
* A familiar swingset, and creepy dolls as a birthday present.
* "Kind of hard to celebrate on the day you killed your mom."
* Whispers. Fence. Mom! "Don't!" "It's not time yet, Benjamin."
* Circle of... what is that, ash?
* Sharing information! Again! "I'm sorry, don't you people want to be rescued?"
* "Turn the tape over." (Wait, I thought Richard said he didn't bring it back?) Three teams, marked tents. "I think we got some catching up to do."
* 54439. Adjust setting. Bunny! Um, maybe you should turn the fence back on after you go through, young man?
* Running through the jungle yelling for your mom, good idea.
* RICHARD. SAME AGE. Familiar outfit, too.

Richard: Wait. Are you lost?
Ben: Are you one of them? A Hostile?
Ben: You wouldn't believe me.
Richard: Try me.
Ben: She's dead.
Richard: Did she die here, on the island?

* Sends him home!
* Meanwhile, at the Blair Witch House...
* Jacob dislikes technology?
* "Aren't you going to say hello, John?"
* (Note: some people think they say the smoke monster sitting in the chair.)
* Also, what the hell is in that painting?
* Crazy? Another con job? Covering up?
* Flashlight! "That's enough! You've had your fun!" Shot? OMG THERE WAS SOMEONE IN THERE
* (Some people also say that Jacob looks like Locke, I am not convinced of that either.)
* "What did you hear in there, John?"
* "I wasn't born on this island."
* Ben Work Man, hee. Running stuff to the Pearl. Again, seemingly traveling the island unarmed and not particularly worried.
* Gas mask! Bye, dad.
* Whoah. All dead! Horace too.
* HOSTILES WIN. FLAWLESS VICTORY. (And I bet I knew who supplied the Dharma weaponry.)
* Mass grave! "This is where I come from, John. These are my people."
* 'Couldn't even coexist with the Island's original inhabitants.'
* "What did Jacob say to you?" "Why did you do this?" "Because you heard him."

Next week: the showdown is coming EEE

* I am now more convinced than ever that the island ghosts are manifestations of Cerberus/The Smoke Monster, and that it is also tied to the whispering, and now, maybe, to Jacob.
* OK, Richard. Before, he seemed like another Ethan-type character. Now, he seems to be one of the original Hostiles, and more creepily, doesn't seem to be aging (he certainly doesn't look any older, twenty years later.)
* So, if the Hostiles can get off the Island, why haven't they? I mean, other than Richard, who we see in Juliet's flashback.
* So, the Dharma/Hostiles conflict is heartily confirmed, mass grave and all. Is it possible that Mikhail was telling the truth, after a fashion, about being the last surviving member of Dharma? If not, who are the Hostiles communicating with on the outside?

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