PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

I have to admit I enjoyed Igby Goes Down. It's chock full of dysfunctional and misanthropic people having snide and intelligent conversations. Well, conversations isn't quite the right word. But there's a lot of messed-up stuff that happens to messed-up people, in an entertaining way. And a fine, fine cast as well.

Last night was a slow, slow dinner. If you go to the Don Pablo's in Laurel, and you get "Dan" as your waiter, ask for a different server. Trust me, you'll thank me later. It takes a lot for me to tip badly *and* talk to the manager afterward, but Dan is just that impressive.

Following the dining experience, RQ and I caught The Pianist. OK, I am going to try to say this in as sensitive way as possible, but since that probably won't work, if you wanna flame me, please just send me an e-mail. The movie was very well crafted, with the direction and the like. If there was an Oscar for 'best use of sound in film' it should have won that as well. And the star more than deserved his award too.

But. How to say this. I don't think there was anything in his story about the Holocaust that we haven't seen in other movies about the Holocaust. Yes, it was based on a true story and all, and it's quite remarkable and everything. But I don't think the movie brought that much more to the table that we haven't already seen. Every time we see someone hiding out from a Nazi patrol, it starts to lose a little more of its meaning, and I don't want to become jaded to the whole thing. So, yeah. The movie was done well and all, and I was interested watching it to see what would happen next, etc. But I also got the feeling I had seen it all before. So, anyways. Flame away.

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