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Previously, on Heroes...

* Comic book: unfinished! No words. "Don't worry New York! We will save you!"
* Peter's sketching up a storm there.
* And, Mrs. Nathan and the kids are home.
* "Now, let's talk about gloves." Yay Grandma Angela.
* "This isn't just random, okay? This is destiny!"

Peter: You're here to save the world!
Claire: How?!

* My, Ted refining his control. Including, jumpstarting cars with NUCLEAR POWER.
* Sylar... figures out exploding man. Huh. "Mohinder, I need your help."
* "Linderman said he needed Micah for a job."
* "You're the one that can save Micah."
* Heh, Candice as babysitter. Micah has to know. He's too smart not to.
* "You're going to work for me."
* And, meet Molly Walker, the Girl Who Lived.
* Wait, was that confirmation of brain eating?
* Same disease that killed Mohinder's sister.
* "I can hear you."
* Hee, phasing Niki.
* "My 4th grade report card?"
* "Nobody does what you and I can do."
* All Linderman's experiment?
* "You can't stop the Boogeyman."
* "They ask me where people are, and I find them."
* "You can fly?"
* "Mr. Linderman? We have a problem."
* Sylar's mom! Who, uh, collects snowglobes. "The clock's broken."
* "Investment banking is a very lucrative field."
* "Maybe I don't have to be special."
* "If you wanted to, you could be president."
* Whoah, Thompson is in on Linderman's plan. So, confirmation that the Company is Linderman.
* Stuck in room! "I can make you see anything I want." OK, I like Candice better now.
* Picture of Mohinder's sister.
* "It'll protect you from the Boogeyman."
* "I can't kill a man who's asking for forgiveness."
* "I'm not Future Hiro!"
* "You're not Gabriel! You're damned!"
* OMG Hiro lost his concentration!
* Cure found... in Mohinder!
* Sword, broken!
* "My destiny is not to shoot you. The universe is not that lame."
* "Linderman called me." She's tied in too!
* "That is your one weakness, Nathan. You have no faith."
* "Can you be the one you need?"
* (I totally think she just pushed Nathan into making the opposite decision, actually.)
* "I can be anything. I can even be president."
* "I love you Claire-bear."

Next week: "Boom."
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