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"I have to congratulate you, Madam, I think you are the first woman to swim in public in all Saudi Arabia."

How liberal law professors spent twenty years changing the American perspective of the Second Amendment.

BAGnewsNotes on the forgetful Dr. Rice.

* Were the initial reports on the Haditha massacre intentionally misleading?
* "The US government's crackdown on illegal immigration is resulting in so many more felony charges against foreigners that the federal courts serving the Southwest border are overwhelmed and reaching for the panic button."
* Republicans look to the post-Bush era.
* New report shows discrimination against evangelicals in the classroom.
* 'New book details plot to steal President Abraham Lincoln's body.'
* Animators find work outside Hollywood.
* I rarely report on movies that are merely under development, but I confess I'm intrigued by the concept of a sequel to Wall Street.

"The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have become an unprecedented field study in human relationships with intelligent machines."

"Can a killing ever be so cunning as to be undetectable?"

Lost fans, zanramon has the (not spoilery) scheduling bombshell.
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