PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Today's Zoe Discovery: Invisible cats

Apparently, our house in infested with invisible cats. She saw one walking on the metal strip between the carpet and the tile in the kitchen, when I left the room. Later, she saw at least five more. (Apparently, she dreamed about them last night as well.) There was Frazn, Tom, Jerry, Fred, Gazzo, and a couple more whose name I don't recall. They went with her in the car on the way to school.

Today's Zoe-Coordination Comedy: Dish-o-rama

She was relatively indecisive about her breakfast. The green banana we tried... didn't work out. Then the waffle wasn't to her pleasing (and she wasn't feeling grand, so I let her be fussy.) So we finished up with the classic, Cheerios. Then I was being scatterbrained while I was putting together her lunch, so ended up using a separate small plate for everything I was assembling or cutting, and getting out a new one for the next item. Meaning I ended up using a large handful of dishes and utensils, just for her breakfast and lunch.
Tags: bebe, not news

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