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"When I made the movie, I felt that the abandonment of the Iraqi people at the war's end further pointed to the hypocrisy of our intervention: `It's the oil, stupid, not the people. We don't care about the people or democracy, O.K.?' I was gonna say people are more informed today, but I honestly don't think so - I mean, very few people are talking about oil, or the other dictatorships, or how the real problem is how we've supported them and they spawn poverty and ignorance which fuels terrorism which grows out of Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and not Iraq so much - I mean, come on, it's a SCANDAL that Bush has pulled this off. It's mind-blowing."
-David O. Russell, director of Three Kings (from a New York Times interview)

In case you missed the big news last week, they found a big ass squid. No, the biggest yet, and it wasn't even fully grown.

More on the war of words, this time taking on operational names and euphemisms.

* Here's the lessons Bush hopes the world is learning from the war in Iraq.
* A quick recap of the state of the war.
* White House tries to regain control of its war message.
* The administration's secret plan for Iraq's future questioned, for some odd reason.
* World opinion focused, looking for the coalition's roadmap.
* Muslim world torn between hatred of Hussein and vengence on the Western World.
* Blair's different vision of the international situation.
* Problems with increased reliance on military reservists.
* Canada hit hard by SARS. How serious is it? China apologized.
* In case you didn't think it was the end of the world, now experts are
predicting more hurricanes this year.
* Six more moons discovered around Jupiter.

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