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BBC coverage of the Republican presidential debate from last night. (Love their comments on evolution.) Time grades their performances too. Howard Kurtz has the media roundup. Bonus: LiveOnline transcript with Chris Cillizza.

multiplexer has a wrapup of all the presidential candidates so far, and a good discussion to boot.

Good read: "The multilateral world is disorganized on several levels."

E.J. Dionne Jr. on how Democrats could help the poor.

* The paradox of the media in the Arab world.
* In Jordan, recruiting suicide bombers.
* The blight of child soldiers.
* The administration issues a security plan for the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
* Bush vows to veto hate crime bill.
* Mapping 'incidents' around the world.
* Rosa Brooks praises O'Reilly. Sort of.
* Charles Krauthammer replies to Tenet.
* Chris Cillizza with competitive House races to watch next fall.
* Lowering the bar? "State urges use of comic books with lessons tailored to standards" (Courtesy judithiscariot.)

Don't forget! Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day. Hit up your local store and check it out. (NYTimes article here.)
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