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Previously, on Lost...

hee hee hee

* Previously: "You stole my kidney!"
* Burning files. 8 days ago.
* "Don't you know, John? Don't you know where you are?"
* "We're going to a new place."
* And, Kate skips out.
* "What the hell are you all doing?"
* "Hello James." "Wanna zip your pants up?"
* Kidnapped Ben! "They got files on us, James. All of us."
* Hangin' with the Others, setting up camp, next to the scenic, uh, giant stone pillar.
* Excited. They've been waiting for Locke.
* "This is not the first time we've done this, John."
* And, whoah, Ben's walking.
* "I can't wait to show you what this Island can do."
* "The magic box is a metaphor, John."
* gesture of free will, of commitment
* You know, they Four Musketeers are doing a terrible job of hiding Naomi.
* Des doesn't trust Jack. Good!
* And, Sayid is digging.
* Flight 815 found off coast of Bali, bodies in tact. But underwater. Hmm.
* Search and rescue was looking for Des. With coordinates from Penny! But, uh, why was she communicating with Mikhail, then?
* Clouds cleared, saw land. (At night?) "Remind me not to rescue you, Sayid." OH SNAP.
* (Interesting, this week's flashbacks are only from last week.)
* "Wake up John. It's time." Everyone watching. Tied to pillar! "I'll be here the rest of the week, John, if you change your mind!"
* "I'm sorry. he's not who we thought he was."
* ZOMG The Black Rock
* Can't find a channel.
* And, hand healed. Richard, admiring the view. Ben knew he couldn't do it, wanted to embarrass him! "Ben doesn't want anyone to think you're special, John." The file!
* Locke's dad disappears after a car accident, wakes up elsewhere. "John. Locke. My dead son." "You sure it's an island?... Little hot for heaven, isn't it?" Hee, pirate ship in a jungle.
* "Con man goes by many names, friend."
* "How about that. Sawyer's my name too."
* And, breaking down camp.
* "We'll leave a trail, one you can track."
* "Thank you."
* Kate, why are you so dumb?
* "Nobody told you, because they don't trust you!" Nevermind, I forgive her.
* "We should tell her." "No."
* "Juliet is a mole." And a raid in three days! Again with the characters sharing valuable information!
* "I'm not going back... I'm on my own journey now."
* "Hey, is it true?" "Not anymore."
* He's not heavy, he's my dad!

Next week: open the door!

OK, discuss:
* I loved how they had Locke's dad thinking they were in the afterlife, because now they clearly can't be in the afterlife.
* "Ben doesn't want anyone to think you're special, John." Was Richard playing him further? Or are there factions among the Others?
* "We should tell her." "No." Way to regain trust there, Jack-o.
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