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Previously, on Heroes...

* "You're not supposed to be here."
* Sylar exploded!
* "This is a map of time."
* Hiro tried to kill Sylar and failed.
* Future Matt, Homeland Security, 'terrorists.'
* Go get Future Peter!
* His girlfriend... Jessica? "The war's over."
* Scar!
* Micah's gone, ouch.
* 'making us choose sides'
* "Send in the professor."
* (Hey, that's the shot from the painting.)
* 'reversing the condition' 'separate species' "These events are increasing."
* Bennet and Wireless putting heroes in hiding. "Do whatever it takes to protect him."
* "The other is the day I received my father's ashes."
* Claire the Brunette, waitressing, just like Charlie. "The creepy guy with the glasses is back."
* Linderman Act, hee.
* Super Peter!
* "Turn you on to the dangerous refugees..."
* Mommy and me
* Ending our agreement!
* "History doesn't happen like this."
* And, Future Ando is dead, as suspected.
* "Without Sylar, the would will never consider these people to be dangerous..."
* Ordering Suresh to put him down!
* ZOMG THAT ISN'T NATHAN "This girl named Candice allowed me to become president."
* Jessica is gone! And Peter was the bomb!
* Homeland Security's finest.
* "The nightmare is over. The world is safe."
* The missing comic book!
* "Future Me! Is good guy!"
* "The Haitian is down!"
* "Now the hard part..."

Next week: Molly!

Man. The hard part is not ending every note with an exclamation point!

So, in this future, they *had* saved the cheerleader also, so Future Hiro's warning was heeded anyways. So what needs to change...

Tonight's cool comics reference: so, there was a classic X-men tale, Days of Future Past, set in a dark alternate future (2013 AD, just about five years from now) where mutants are an even more persecuted and hunted species. One of the leaders of the resistance, Sebastian Shaw, was hiding as a rancher in Texas. Like Bennet in tonight's episode.
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