PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

did I mention the splitting headache?

OK, I left home late. I admit that.

But when I'm on the Red Line and they say that no, Fort Totten has no power, so we're all getting out at Takoma, and they say they will have a shuttle bus to take us past the outage "soon." So we stand in the rain for twenty-five minutes, making small talk and sharing umbrellas and complaining about Metro when the station manager comes out, very apologetic, explains the power is back on at Fort Totten, and we can all get back on the train now.

So, get downtown, and decide to take the commuter shuttle to Georgetown, as it's, as aforementioned, raining. Sure. Except the commuter shuttle takes a different route than usual. A slower route. Whuf.

Extra hour+ added on the commute? Check! Busy morning at work? Check! Great way to kick off a Friday.
Tags: not news, not right

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