PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"White House officials conducted 20 private briefings on Republican electoral prospects in the last midterm election for senior officials in at least 15 government agencies covered by federal restrictions on partisan political activity."

Abu Aardvark with the results of a new public opinion survey from four Muslim countries.

Yeah, about those reforms in Saudi Arabia...

* Subpoena approved for Dr. Rice, and Monica Goodling granted immunity. Dana Milbank covers Subpoenafest.
* Abandoning Mogadishu.
* The New York Post decides to rewrite an AP story to better suit their slant.
* New Hampshire set to approve same-sex civil unions.
* Putin gives his final state of the union address.
* How high will gas prices go?
* The NYTimes focuses on another dubious firing.
* Prince Harry may be kept out of Iraq.
* Bible on display in Texas courthouse is still unconstitutional. (Courtesy uu_mom.)
* Crikey! Apple reports an 88% growth in profits.
* Fox cancels Drive after four episodes. As professorbooty pointed out, Tim Minear is now four for four.
* I don't think I'd admit it if Hugh Grant assaulted me with baked beans.

Is a fungus to blame for depopulating bee colonies?

The trials of a transsexual sportswriter.

What's better news than a half-hour Robot Chicken: Star Wars special? How about the names that'll be guest voices?
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