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Previously, on Lost...

Oddly, when he popped up, I had the exact same facial expression.

* Previously: hey, it's Baldy!
* Gardening with Jack. I still dig Sun's smile.
* "But I got the bed set up."
* Wedding picture, very cute.
* Son of a prostitute!
* (OK, that isn't Ruth. Fine.)
* Spanish. Dying! 8 hour walk? Run Desmond run! Flare! "Oops."
* Jin was in the army?

Sun: Do you believe him?
Kate: Why wouldn't I?

* Hey Sun, good Rousseau impersonation.
* Wait. Did one character just communicate important information to a character about what's going on? MADNESS.
* Confronting Juliet! "Why are you taking children? What happens to pregnant women on this island?!" (Again, why didn't anyone grill her about this before?)
* And now, Ruth is speaking Chinese? (Bonus: insert amusing Photoshop here.)
* (And no one there knows him!)
* OK, Jin is hardcore. Spinning back kick for the win!
* "As your friend pointed out I already died once this week." -Mikhail
* Soviet Army field medic? Sure!
* Yay Jin's dad. Although, this is the saddest scene ever. "He told me you were dead." "But who else would take care of him?" "You can never tell him that you met me or that his mother is still alive."
* Go alone with Juliet in the middle of the night? Hells no! Sun, you are smarter than that. ('At least bring Kate.' -M.)
* Ultrasound for date of conception. Sure.
* Stately Paik Industries. Meeting dad. And, apparently, blackmailing dad. (The safe cracks me up.)
* Jin bears the debt! That's why he got 'promoted.'
* Evacuating blood, fancy. And I note Ruth totally didn't say 'thank you' to Mikhail.
* Caduceus Hatch, creepy as always. "Why are you doing this?" "I've lost nine patients in the last three years."
* Hidden level! Secret room! Full of all the stuff from before! "It's where we brought the women to die."
* "On this island, the wounds are a bit different."
* "Phone!"

Charlie: You stole this?
Mikhail: How could you respect me if I didn't try?

* (OK, I totally dig Mikhail. I admit it.)
* "We can't keep letting these people go!"
* "He told me Jin is infertile." "And then you came here."
* Sperm counts five times higher? Double-you-tee-eff.
* "I lose either way."
* And, Jin finds the blackmail money. "I will always take care of you, Sun."
* Ultrasound. (Tragically, it only vaguely looks like the Smoke Monster.)
* Heartbeat. Crashed ninety days ago, conceived fifty-three days ago. Bam!
* Blackmail time. Nice threat, Sun. Once in a while, she is her father's daughter.
* Outside the hatch. Has until the middle of the second trimester. Two months. (Which by my calculations, would be about the end of season five. Good work.)
* Sure, just 'go back inside,' Juliet. As long as you don't act suspicious or anything.
* Tape recorder, notes for Ben. Going for samples from the other women! Eep!
* "By my count, you've killed more of them then they've killed of you."
* Ruth (hey, nice tattoo) wakes up! "Flight 815 - they found the plane. There were no survivors." "What?"

Next week: "Why me?!"

My. Things are speeding up.
If I see you in person anytime soon, remind me to ramble on about the Abbot and the Clock Lady and Desmond. (The latter of which I can also admit to liking.)
Have they revealed anything about Aaron's dad on the show yet?
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