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"In the end, you have the Supreme Court's most conservative members agreeing to overturn the consistent results of three trial court judges, and three federal appeals court panels, and siding with Congress and its 'findings,' even though the Court's majority candidly conceded that those findings, alone, were not enough to justify the constitutionality of the Act."

Great read: David Ignatius on the Oval Office bunker.

Cheney in translation.

* Is the surge backfiring? The BBC offers a report from on the ground.
* UN criticizes Iraqi human rights, using figures provided by the Iraqi government.
* Nope, they don't like Bagdhad Wall either. And Time examines why the wall won't work.
* Abu Aardvark looks at developments inside the insurgency.
* Tom Shales on the media's role in selling the war.

* "A senior Democratic leader, in a speech Wednesday at the Brookings Institution, will tie together a long series of Bush administration scandals, controversies and missteps into what he argues is a campaign to turn the government into an appendage of the Republican Party."
* Problems at OSHA: "Political appointees, often former officials of the industries they now oversee, have eased regulations or weakened enforcement of rules." (Bonus: graphic.)
* More reports of forced abortions in China.
* Bill Maher on politics and elitism.
* As proven by his interview with John McCain last night, Jon Stewart needs to interview all top political figures. Seriously, that's quite a grilling.
* NBC is in pretty bad shape. (Except for Heroes, heh.)
* In Pictures: inside LucasFilm.

bizarrojack, they've made a movie just for you.
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